Administration is responsible for carrying out the policies adopted by the City Council and coordinating the operations of City government and all departments. The department supports the work of City Council by managing council agendas and directing the flow of information and requests for action to the Council, oftentimes by performing research, writing reports, and making recommendations. In addition, Administration provides general oversight, supervision, and consultation to all other departments and consultants in the City.

Some responsibilities include:

  • working with the City Council and other elected officials;
  • setting and achieving goals as set by Council;
  • representing the interests of the City with the State and other agencies;
  • administering voter registration/elections; issuing licenses;
  • compiling City Council agendas;
  • attracting, retaining and expanding business and industry in the City;
  • hiring and employment actions;
  • labor negotiations;
  • City communications

City Administrator

Appointed by the City Council, the City Administrator serves as the chief administrative officer of the City and is responsible for the proper administration of all departments, functions and affairs. Manages, leads and evaluates all administrative, financial and public services according to established ordinances, policies and procedures of the Council and/or Minnesota State law. Works under the general direction from the Mayor and the City Council. Responsible for the implementation of all policy set by the Council.

Charlene Stevens, City Administrator
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