At the May 12, 2018 Strategic Planning Retreat, Council and senior staff reaffirmed the City's four strategic directions:

  • Positioning for Growth
  • Reforming the Organizational Culture
  • Making Cottage Grove a Recreation Destination
  • Engaging the Community and Forming the Vision.

Council and staff used a top-down process to create new initiatives for each direction. The process included the three top priorities from each Council member with a few priorities added by the whole group. After discussing the priorities, all participants “voted” on the strategic priorities with adhesive dots. The voting results were used to stimulate further discussion about both high-scoring and low-scoring priorities. The high-scoring priorities have been incorporated into the 2018-2019 Strategic Plan, along with priorities continued from the 2017-2018 Strategic Plan:

Positioning for Growth

  1. Collaborate with Washington County on the redevelopment and planning for the Library site (continued from 2017 Strategic Plan).
  2. Incorporate land use changes for future growth into the comprehensive plan (continued from 2017 Strategic Plan).
  3. Plan for long term water treatment facility in relationship to the Water Quality and Sustainability Account.
  4. Foster sustainable economic vitality by growing the tax base to support amenities.
  5. Review and update priorities for economic development, in terms of business types and geographic sites.

Reforming Organizational Culture

  1. Conduct a public works and parks facility space needs study (continued from 2017 Strategic Plan).
  2. Develop training programs for employees at all levels such as the Management and Leadership Development Academy and the Learning to Lead Academy.
  3. Continue to grow and enhance employee engagement programs.

Making Cottage Grove a Recreation Destination

  1. Create and expand Mississippi River access (continued from 2017 Strategic Plan).
  2. Create a natural resources and park master plan for Settler’s Island (continued from 2017 Strategic Plan).
  3. Develop plans for a community center and a 2019 referendum and conduct referendum to provide funding.

Engaging the Community and Forming the Vision

  1. Continue to develop video communications.
  2. Continue update and refresh of the City’s website.
  3. Continue implementation of work groups from My Future Cottage Grove project.
  4. Develop plan for a community survey.
2018 - 2019 Strategic Plan
2018-2019 Strategic Plan Directions   2018-2019 Strategic Plan Adoption Memo



In early 2017, Cottage Grove City Council and the City's Management Team participated in a strategic planning retreat and redefined goals that act as a road map for Cottage Grove's future. 

Four strategic directions:

  • Positioning Cottage Grove for Growth
  • Making Cottage Grove a Recreation Destination
  • Engaging the Community and Forming the Vision
  • Reforming the Organizational Culture

Ninety-day implementation plans for each of the four strategic directions were developed.

Cottage Grove Strategic Plan 2017-2018
Strategic Plan Report 2017 (PDF)    
2017 Strategic Plan Four Strategic Directions (PDF)   
2017 Strategic Plan 90 Day Implementation Plan - All    


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