Cottage Grove EMS responds with four possible provider types. They are listed in order of training from least to highest.

First Responder: This consists of being able to administer basic first aid and oxygen administration, such as band aids and bleeding control.

EMT-Basic: Training consists of approximately 150 hours that includes oxygen administrations, bleeding and shock control, splinting, CPR, defibrillator use, vital sign monitoring, aspirin, blood sugar monitoring and basic assessment skills.

EMT-IV Technician: In addition to the EMT-Basic training, this additional 12-hour course lets the EMT-Basic start (IV) lines, provide nebulized albuterol, Nitroglycerin pills and diabetic treatments.

The Cottage Grove EMS EMT-IV technician program was implemented in 2009 to assist the paramedic and to provide some ALS care to the community in the event all paramedics where unavailable.

Paramedic: This course runs at an average of 1500 hours, though an accredited associate level program. The paramedic can do all the skills listed above with additional advanced procedures in surgical airway management, chest decompression, advanced airway placement, numerous medication administration, EKG interpretation, advanced defibrillation and advanced assessment skills.

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